#SundaySnog from In The Vault


My first try to play along!

This is a snippet from IN THE VAULT,  a free short story that will be available soon!


Rose loves banks. The cash, the gold … the thrill of a well-planned robbery …

But jewels and riches aren’t what Rose desires most, and Tucker is ready and willing to turn her fantasy into reality.

When you have a partner in crime, anything can happen IN THE VAULT.


Rose raised her eyebrows. “You have any idea which one of those is the right one?”

“Nope,” Tucker said mildly, selecting a key and sliding it into the lock. It didn’t work. “What do you spose Young Jimmy has all these keys for anyway?” He tried the next key along the ring.

Rose signed noisily and leaned back against the bars. She tapped her foot.

“Are you going to keep that up the entire time I’m doing this?” Tucker asked, not looking up from the key ring.

“Probably.” Rose tapped her foot louder.

“Couldn’t you find some other way to amuse yourself?”

“Hmm.” Rose watched him, his brow furrowed with concentration, his head tipped forward so that the longish curls that usually brushed his collar slid  up, exposing the nape of his neck. She grinned. “Maybe I can think of something.”

He quirked the corner of his mouth in a half smile, but didn’t look up as he realized the intent behind her words. “Behave yourself, we’re working.”

Rose pushed herself away from the bars and stood close behind him. She pressed her body against the warmth of his back and stood up on her toes to press a wet kiss to the soft skin at the back of his neck. She wrapped her arms around him, tracing the hard planes of his chest, the muscled ridges of his stomach, slipping her fingers between the buttons to tease at his bare skin.

“Rose …” Tucker said warningly, and the timber of his voice sent a shiver through Rose. He didn’t use her real name often enough.

Head over to visit Victoria Blisse for more Sunday Snogs!


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