A New Muse

It’s funny how things work out. The connections that happen in your mind, to inspire you at just the right moment.

I’ve been plotting a series for Total E Bound, and I’m so excited about it. I’ve been wanting to dive into the first book for weeks, but April is officially the busiest month ever in my real, non-writing life (at least until July), and I still had the short story, IN THE VAULT, to finish up before I was allowed to start. I have very strict rules for my writer self, otherwise I’d have lots of fun but get very little actually finished.

I even signed up for Camp Nanowrimo this month, in the hopes it would help me eke out some time to write. I adore the Nano word counters. I wish I had access to them for every story I write! But it wasn’t to be for the first part  – okay, first 2/3 – of the month. The story was in my head while I was busy with other things, but I didn’t have a moment to get started actually writing it.

Finally, last night I had the evening off and was able to get a start – however small – on THE UNDERCOVER OUTLAW while watching TV with my dad. He was watching some educational science show, the one with the host who sounds like he is trying to put you to sleep instead of educate, which I usually have no trouble tuning out.

But then, he put on a new show, called Defiance.

It was good. Kept my interest, was clever and funny, lots of action and even a pretty hot sex scene. It’s science fiction, but with a very frontier feel – I was surprised when a cursory google revealed it’s based on a video game. Obviously I’m not a gamer, but regardless, I enjoyed it and will tune in again.

But the point – and I do have one – is that Nolan, the main character played by the very sexy Grant Bowler, is now totally the placeholder for my hero in THE UNDERCOVER OUTLAW. I don’t  often use a real life (or, you know, tv) person for one of my characters, but every so often it just works out.

If, like me, you hadn’t heard of Grant Bowler, I invite you to do a google images search. Here’s a sneak peak:

I’m looking forward to spending the next novel with him! 😉



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