Holding Court Cover Reveal!

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who commented on my Outlaw Rose excerpts this weekend! I was away this weekend, and too busy to be online other than early in the morning and very late at night, but it was so exciting to log on and read all the positive comments! I’ll do better next weekend at playing along and reading and commenting, I promise!

I got this cover from the awesome art department at Total E Bound recently, and I wanted to share it here, because, well, look how pretty!!

Holding Court will be available for preorder starting July 29th.



Schoolteacher Clara lives a peaceful, solitary life when she’s away from the school house. That is, other than the nights when rich, powerful landowner Courtland Raymond comes to call.

Court makes her feel things she’d never before dreamed of. He’s forceful and dominant, and he always knows just what she needs. Their secret arrangement allows them to enjoy each other without the disapproval of the community they both rely on for their livelihood.

Clara loves Court, and she’d do nearly anything to be with him forever, a real relationship, but she’s not willing to risk their stolen moments. But when their secret trysts are exposed, will she be able to hold on to Court? Or lose him forever?



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