#8sunday – In The Vault


Today’s #8Sunday excerpt is from IN THE VAULT, short story follow up to OUTLAW ROSE. Be sure to click the banner above to read all the #WeWriWa submissions!

“You sure you can open it?” Tucker asked, and his voice close behind her made her jump. He’d taken the time to scoop up the lantern from the table, and he held it high to illuminate the vault door.

“Of course,” Rose scoffed. “There isn’t a lock been invented that I can’t crack, but luckily for me this job isn’t even going to test my skills.” She touched the dial of the combination lock, turning it experimentally. “All it took was a little flirting with the powerful men of this town and they were only too happy to brag on their new vault door.”

Tucker raised an eyebrow. “All you did was flirt, right?”

IN THE VAULT is available now – and it’s absolutely free!


Rose loves banks. The cash, the gold… the thrill of a well-planned robbery…

But jewels and riches aren’t what Rose desires most, and Tucker is ready and willing to turn her fantasy into reality.

When you have a partner in crime, anything can happen in the vault.

Click here to read now!


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