#8Sunday – In The Vault – Take 2


All right, hopefully I’ve gotten this right this week! If you missed my #8sunday last week (because I screwed up the URL – again) you can find it here. Special thanks to those who took the time to a) find it and b) comment – thank you thank you! Be sure to click the banner above to read all the WeWriWa submissions.

Today I’m sharing the opening of In The Vault.

Rose breathed deep of the cool night air, a welcome relief from the heat of the day. She wandered along the board walkway, weaving a little, unsteady on her feet. There was no one around at this late hour, no sound but the frogs and the crickets. The town was asleep.

She approached the bank, the front windows reflecting the light of the full moon, and she thought she saw a hint of movement behind the glass. Rose smiled to herself, teetering along past, until she caught her heel in a gap between the boards and fell in a heap of linen and lace, landing in the street, smack dab in the middle of the only puddle that hadn’t dried up in the heat.

The bank door slammed behind her, and Rose ducked her head to hide her smile.

IN THE VAULT is available now – and it’s absolutely free!


Rose loves banks. The cash, the gold… the thrill of a well-planned robbery…

But jewels and riches aren’t what Rose desires most, and Tucker is ready and willing to turn her fantasy into reality.

When you have a partner in crime, anything can happen in the vault.

Click here to read now!


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