WIP Wednesday … ish

Okay, I know it’s not Wednesday at all, but I was busy yesterday helping to pull off an epic surprise bridal shower for my boss. Seriously epic – my co-workers are impressively devious. Actually, I’m a little concerned about them. Pretty sure they could have a second career as con-women.

Sooo … this week, how bout a snippet from The Undercover Outlaw? This is from the first meeting of Alicia and Logan.

“And where do your journeys take you, Mr …” Alicia let her voice trail off, hoping he’d respond, instead of shutting her down with the steely glare she’d seen used on the others who’d tried to strike up a conversation with him. She didn’t need anyone having time to notice and comment on her empty plate and leaned forward a little. Maybe a better view down the front of her dress would make him chattier. Or at least put him in a better mood.

His eyes flickered to her neckline and he shifted awkwardly in his chair. “Logan, Miss Light,” he said, and Alicia rewarded him for answering with a deep breath that brought his gaze back to her chest. “A pleasure to meet you.”

His voice was a pleasant surprise, deep and rumbling, but with a velvet undertone so smooth she could almost feel it against her skin. She leaned towards him, and hoped he’d continue talking. He did.

I do like these characters – who wants to come take over my real life for a few days so I can spend more time with them? 😉



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