#SatSpanks – Flooded out.

I heard on the news that there are 24 separate communities in my area that have declared a state of emergency. Two local towns have been completely flooded out, and 100,000 people have been evacuated in the city of Calgary, which is 10% of the population. My family is all safe and (mostly) dry, but the Bow River – which I cross to go to work – is very high and scary. My dad works at city hall, and couldn’t make it in early this morning because the river was running down the road.

The photos of the places that I know so well and have been such a big part of my life – Stampede Park, the Saddledome, the Zoo – and seeing so many homes under water are really getting to me. Such a terrible, unpredictable disaster, and the RCMP are saying there have been at least 2 fatalities so far. They’ve deployed 1300 armed forces to help, and when I met an army convoy on the highway on my way home today it made me all teary, I was so grateful that they’re here to help the people who need it.


I love this photo of people being rescued from their flooded homes in a combine.

So, it’s been quite a week around here, and I sat down to put together a Saturday Spankings post, only to discover I missed the sign up time by 20 minutes. 😦

Oh well – I’ll play by myself if I have to! Let’s do an excerpt from Outlaw Rose, soon after last week’s snippetoutlawrose_800

She needed to keep her mind clear if she was going to get that gold for herself, but the sensations and sight of his strong fingers on her sensitive skin were driving her to distraction.

She dropped to her knees at his feet and he released his hold on her upper arm to set a hand over the butt of the pistol. He didn’t trust her. That’s all right, she thought, since she wasn’t trustworthy. She ran a hand lightly over the bulge in his heavy, denim pants and he hissed and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling it loose from the braid. She unbuttoned his pants then reached inside, closing her fingers around his cock. He moaned and she looked up, disappointed that she couldn’t see his face in the darkness.

Outlaw Rose is available for all e-readers, click to read more!


snowedunder_800In much more cheerful, non-natural disaster related news, it’s only a week until Snowed Under goes on pre-order, and yesterday I saw that’s it’s listed on the publishers website! I love this story, can’t wait to share it!


3 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – Flooded out.

  1. It’s truly horrifying to contemplate. The waters are receding now, but I have my doubts that the Calgary Stampede will go on as planned.

    I saw footage of the combine rescue on the news and it made me smile.

    Stay safe!


    • They’re saying the Stampede is a go, “hell or high water”!

      I’m glad – I grew up at the Stampede, 10 days at a time (or 11 or 12 or 13 with set up and tear down), and I’ve been an official volunteer for over a decade. The Stampede is a huge part of the community and the economy in Calgary.

      My thoughts now are with the people of High River, where the flood waters are refusing to leave.

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