#SatSpanks – Snowed Under

Last week, I missed the deadline to join in, but I had a good excuse. Thankfully, things are starting to improve in my part of the world, but my heart is with all those who are still not able to go home, especially the people of High River. I am very proud of my city and province through this disaster though. The stories of people pulling together to help their neighbours are truly heartwarming.

I’m bending the Saturday Spanking rules today, but only a little bit. I’m just excited that my second release, Snowed Under, is available for Pre-Order today!!!  I love this story, and I am dying to share an excerpt with my #SatSpanks friends – even though, technically, this isn’t really a spanking story. I promise, we’ll go back to a spankier story next weekend.


The first thing that Dean saw was a pair of the finest legs he’d ever had the privilege to ogle. They were long and curvy, and best of all, they were bare all the way up.

The second thing he saw was the unwavering muzzle of a .56 Sharps, which diminished his enjoyment of the legs significantly.

“Who are you?” The owner of the legs asked again, her tone indicating that if he didn’t answer, it might be the Sharps that spoke next.

“Dean Rook.”

“And what are you doing here, Mr Rook?”

“I got lost in the storm, ma’am, sure am glad to find shelter.” It wasn’t the whole truth, but it was all that he planned to share with a stranger holding a gun on him.


snowedunder_800A storm, a stranger and a secret—Ivy and Nell’s cabin on the mountain is about to get crowded.

Ivy and Nell have been able to get along very well without a man, thank you very much. They take care of all the chores, the cooking, and each other—in every way.

But when a sexy stranger blows in with the storm, Nell is curious. Is sex with a man really as bad as Ivy told her it was?

Ivy was just as glad that her husband was considerate enough to disappear, leaving her and Nell to their happy lives, but the stranger brings news that may change everything. Betrayed and angry, Ivy decides that revenge is on the menu, and Dean Rook is just the man to help her out.

Pre-Order Here!



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