Outlaw Rose Review!

In celebration of this amazing review of Outlaw Rose from Cocktails and Books , this week for Saturday Spanks I’m sharing a naughty excerpt from Outlaw Rose!

She was good at knots.

Once she was satisfied he was secure, she gave his elbow a tug, spinning him to face her. She placed the barrel under the edge of his jaw hard enough that he tipped his head back, away from its pressure. She leaned against him, feeling the roughness of his shirt on her breasts and remembering his touch. “You interrupted my bath.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. “My apologies.”

She could see the twinkle in his eye. He still wasn’t taking her seriously, but he would.

outlawrose_800Rose would do whatever was necessary to get the gold back from the bank robbers. Enjoying it was an unexpected bonus.

Rose had a plan.

After all her planning and hard work, she was about to hit the payoff—until the bank was robbed, the gold stolen right out from under her nose. Rose wasn’t about to give up without a fight, but catching up with the outlaws was the easy part.

When Tucker finds the little bank teller tailing them, he needs to keep her from running to the posse, and her proposal sounds like way more fun than what he had in mind. But in this band of outlaws, they split everything three ways—he’s going to have to learn to share.

What Rose had thought was a straightforward plan quickly becomes more complicated. Maybe these law breakers can work together…in more ways than one.

PS – Only 1 more week to get Snowed Under at 10% off (and you can read it right away!) Alternatively, only 1 more week until Snow Under’s general release and you can buy it everywhere! 😉

PPS – Also, check out this great interview  from my awesome publisher, Total-E-Bound!


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