One More Week til Holding Court! And a giveaway!

It’s a long weekend here, and the September long weekend is the last hurrah for summer. After this school starts, the leaves turn (okay, they’ve already started) and the days get shorter and shorter. So it is tradition to enjoy the Labour Day weekend to the fullest, doing whatever you love to do most.  For me, that means lots of horses and friends and the beautiful Alberta scenery. The weather is going to be gorgeous and I can’t wait to get on the road for another adventure!  But first, Saturday Spankings!

This is the last week to pre-order Holding Court at 10% off before the official release date next Friday. As part of the count down, I think think it’s time to stop teasing and start getting serious with the Satspanks excerpt.

Court grabbed her bound hands and shoved her face down on the low bed. Her knees hit the floor with a bang. Clara gasped and tried to struggle, but he pulled up on her hands, and she pressed her face farther into the blankets to avoid wrenching her shoulders. She turned her face to the side so she could breathe, panting with a combination of fear and desire and concentrated on the moment. The pull of the silk tie on her wrists, the anticipation of waiting for the first blow to fall, the awareness of Court, here with her after so long apart. She focused on savouring every second, so that the memories would last during the long, lonesome weeks and months until Court came to her again.

Clara heard the belt slice through the air a second before the blow landed on her soft bottom. The sharp crack reached her ears, followed quickly by another then the pain registered and she tried to jerk away, the heat spreading through her skin, and as it always did, straight to her cunt, making it throb with need.

If you’d like to read more, include your email address in your comment (or send me an email at celesterupert at gmail dot com) and I’ll send one lucky reader an ebook of Holding Court!

holdingcourt_800Schoolteacher Clara lives a peaceful, solitary life when she’s away from the school house. That is, other than the nights when rich, powerful landowner Courtland Raymond comes to call.

Court makes Clara do and feel things she’d never before dreamed of. He is forceful and dominant, and he always knows just what she needs. Their secret arrangement allows them to enjoy each other without the disapproval of the community they both rely on for their livelihood.

Clara loves Court, and she’d do nearly anything to be with him forever, a real relationship, but she’s not willing to risk their stolen moments. But when their secret trysts are exposed, will she be able to hold on to Court? Or lose him forever?


13 thoughts on “One More Week til Holding Court! And a giveaway!

  1. I don’t think Court is doing this to pleasure Clara, is he? She’s getting pleasure out of it almost despite herself. If he’s punishing her, I want to know why. Looks like I’ll need to buy the book. Tempting snippet, Celeste.

  2. Yeah, I had to press “like” and “tweet” as soon as I got to the end of that awesome snippet. I love your writing style – the way you bring the images to mind. It makes me wiggle in my seat! Very good.

  3. I love the set up, how he shoved her on the bed, her mix of fear and desire, turning her face to the side etc, all wonderfully detailed and anticipation building.

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