Of Mice and Sensibility. Or something.

I’m an animal lover through and through. A perfect day would be one spent with my horses, chickens, dogs and cats, with minimal interaction with only my favorite people to tell them the cute stories about my day with my horses, chickens, dogs and cats. And I’m pretty open minded when it comes to critters. I like snakes, bird-watch like an old lady, and catch frogs like a six year old boy. Both goats and rabbits are on my short list to add to the menagerie, and recently I’ve been obsessively researching heritage breeds of pigs.

But mice … I don’t like mice. They’re not so bad outside or in the barn – as long as they don’t run over my feet, which has been known to happen. I had a serious discussion with the barn cat after that incident.

I recently got a new (to me) car. Somehow, the mice got into it. Ugh. I told everyone, if I crash, assume it was mouse related. I deployed traps, vacuumed more in a week than I’d ever vacuumed a vehicle in my life, and stomped my feet like a mad woman at every stop light … just in case. And as scared as I was about encountering a live one, I was equally squicked out at the idea of having to empty a trap. I’m such a girl. Luckily, they apparently decided that my car wasn’t all it was cracked up to be and moved on, but not before one of them died whilst attempting to infiltrate under the back door and created an overwhelming stench disproportionate to it’s size.

So I’m a little extra sensitized against mice lately. Ugh.

And yet … yesterday I was getting the carriage out to drive my horse, and saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I investigated to find a tiny mouse cowering against the dog dish. He was a baby, barely had his fur on, and he was just cowering there, not running away from me. And me, I’m thinking, “Awww, poor little guy, I should keep him!” I had to walk away. Fast. Because I do not need to be rescuing a mouse. Luckily, by the time I put the carriage away again, the little dude was gone. Because my common sense can only overcome my “awww” response for so long.


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