Hello to my Saturday Spankings friends! This week, I’m off on my last horse adventure of the year, because soon it will be winter, time for staying home and writing smut! So I am going to have lots of fun this weekend, and keep my fingers crossed that the snow holds off a little longer for us.

holdingcourt_800“No, open your eyes”—Court’s voice was brittle—“I want to see you come, I want to see your eyes.”

Clara looked into Court’s eyes, saw the muscles in his neck tense as he watched her. She bit her lip, which did very little to muffle her cry as she crashed into her orgasm, bucking on the edge of her chair until she collapsed forward, the edge of the tub hard in her hands, her legs and hips twitching with the last ripples of pleasure.

There was a splash as Court lunged towards her then his lips were on hers, hot and demanding, and she threw her arms around his neck, clinging to him, unable to catch her breath and not caring. He hadn’t even touched her, not really, and still he could make her body sing, just knowing he was there, with her, at last.

“I can’t wait,” he mumbled again her lips. “I need some release, but it’s not time, it’s not time for us yet.” He stood up in the tub, looking down at her. “Please,” he said.

*Fans self” I do love it when a dominant man begs.

Schoolteacher Clara lives a peaceful, solitary life when she’s away from the school house. That is, other than the nights when rich, powerful landowner Courtland Raymond comes to call.

Court makes Clara do and feel things she’d never before dreamed of. He is forceful and dominant, and he always knows just what she needs. Their secret arrangement allows them to enjoy each other without the disapproval of the community they both rely on for their livelihood.

Clara loves Court, and she’d do nearly anything to be with him forever, a real relationship, but she’s not willing to risk their stolen moments. But when their secret trysts are exposed, will she be able to hold on to Court? Or lose him forever?


15 thoughts on ““Please.”

  1. ~fans myself too~ Oh my, that was a hot little snippet. I always love when a man tells his woman to keep her eyes open.
    No matter how hard I try, I can never seem to keep my eyes open once that barrier into bliss is broken.
    Great little teaser Celeste.

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