On Watching and Hard Work

It’s been a while since I checked in, and I do apologise.

First of all, I’ve been asked to be a monthly contributor on the Totally Bound Author Blog, and my first post, I Like To Watch, has been posted, so check it out … it comes with a hot excerpt!

So … there was Nanowrimo, which I still love, but for the first time ever, didn’t finish this year. I did, however, get lots of work done on The Undercover Outlaw, and just finished reading over what I have so far, and I liked it. Love these characters, and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Instead of finishing the story, like I’d hoped, I finished my new cozy insulated chicken coop, just before we had a week of 25 below freezing temperatures, so I’m sure my chickens appreciated my efforts. We’ve also had at least six big snowstorms already this winter. Or is it still technically fall? Let me tell you, it doesn’t feel like fall when I’m slogging through drifts to get my critters fed and watered. Also got all my new fences built …. just in time for them all to drift under. Is it spring yet?

And of course, with the winter weather comes sickness, and I am just starting to feel better from a nasty cold that kept me on the couch for a few days straight, venturing out only to look after the animals. I passed the time watching the entire series of the Magnificent Seven. If you like westerns with humour and hot guys, you should check it out! Good fun, and always leaves me feeling inspired.

Better get back to Logan and Alicia … keep warm where ever you are!



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