Righteous Indignation – The Reason For The Season

My facebook feed is completely filled with meme’s that rage against the use of Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings instead of Merry Christmas. “If you’re offended by Merry Christmas, then let me say it again.” “Christmas Trees $5/foot, Holiday Trees $10/foot.” and the straight to the point “It’s Merry Christmas NOT Happy Holidays!”


I say Merry Christmas. I also say Happy Holidays. Who are these people who are offended? Do they exist, or are hyper, anxious to take offence, individuals imagining that someone, somewhere must be offended and therefore a serious affront exists and must be battled through righteous indignation in the most visible and highly annoying manner possible.

Because seriously.

I’m not about to be offended because someone says something nice to me, regardless of whether or not I share their religious views, and I can’t imagine that anyone else is either. Tell me to have a Happy Hanukkah and guess what I would say? “Thank you, same to you!”  The fact that I’m not Jewish has nothing to do with anything.

While Christmas is a very important holiday in my family, it’s significant for the family traditions that we share, not for any religious reasons. Just because Christianity doesn’t factor into the way that I celebrate doesn’t mean that the holiday is less meaningful to me,  and I’m certainly not going to be offended because I’m told Merry Christmas by someone who believes that Christ is the reason for the season.

The next time someone shares a holiday greeting with you, take it in the spirit of well wishing it was intended.

The only appropriate response is, and always will be, “Thank you.”

Happy Holidays!


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