Slowly But Surely

I feel like I’ve been working on The Undercover Outlaw forever. I promised my editor I’d have the first book in the new series to her …. well, a long time ago. I could go look it up, but it would only depress me, so we’ll keep it vague. If my (super awesome) editor is reading, I’m definitely feeling appropriately guilty about it, I promise.

It isn’t that I’m struggling with the story. These characters are great, taking over the story and along the way contributing to the future stories in this series. I’m having lots of fun with them … when I get around to writing.

Unfortunately, life has just been getting in the way. There’s nothing tragic going on (thank goodness and knock on wood), and none of the things that have been keeping me busy the last several months have been bad – in fact, they’ve mostly been good things: extra hours at my “real” job, getting big projects finished around the farm, unexpected chances to spend time with family, working to start a new business in the spring. Even NaNoWriMo wasn’t able to scrape out any more writing time for me, though it helped.

The words aren’t the only thing that coming slowly … here I am, halfway through The Undercover Outlaw and my main characters, Logan and Alicia, are only now getting naked together. I tried to tell them earlier that this was supposed to be an erotic romance, and there needed to be some bouncy naked fun time, but while there’s been lots of sexual tension, the time wasn’t right yet. But finally, the buttons are popping (literally) … that should definitely add some heat – not to mention some complications!

If you need me, I’ll over here writing smut.


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