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Blog Hop!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canucks! I hope you’re having a weekend full of family, friends and food! Today I’m extra thankful that my old horse, who has been the light of my life for 20 years, came through his surgery with flying colours and is back to his busy, demanding, high energy self, vehemently protesting all my efforts to make him rest while he heals. ❤

Time for a blog hop!


I was tagged for this blog post by the always awesome Molly Ann Wishlade – click her banner below to meet her!

And my answers to the blog hop questions!

What are you working on right now?

Building a new chicken coop and horse fences before winter comes. But as soon as it does I’ll be nose to the grindstone on my Outlaw Women series. The first book, The Undercover Outlaw, features a female safecracker who hides her gender to get revenge on an old lover, and the second, The Reluctant Outlaw, is the story of a ranchers widow who hires a rustler to steal back her late husbands cattle. Very excited about this planned six book series!

How does it differ from other works in its genre?

Everyone loves a bad boy, but I wanted to write some women who were willing to do whatever they had to, even if it meant they were on the wrong side of the law.  All of my Outlaw Women are going to challenge the gender roles of the time if some way, and I hope the readers have as much fun reading them as I am writing them.

Why do you write what you do?

I live in the modern west, in the foothills of Southern Alberta, and I grew up enjoying the westerns of Louis L’amour, “borrowed” from my grandpa’s bookshelves. I love the chance to play at the adventure and freedom of the frontier.

How does your writing process work?

I spend a lot of time thinking about my story while I’m doing other things: driving to work, cleaning the barn, any sort of everyday task that doesn’t need my whole brain anymore. I get to know my characters that way, how they got to the situation my story finds them, what’s most important to them, what kind of people they are. When I write, I prefer to write the first draft in a NaNoWriMo type rush, and because I’ve gotten to know my characters I’m pretty comfortable letting them tell the story as it goes along. That’s the best part, writing that first draft, so much fun!


I guess that means it’s my turn to tag some authors to play along, hmmm , who do I want to know a little more about …






Normandie Alleman

LA Cloutier

Renee Rose

Outlaw Rose Review!

In celebration of this amazing review of Outlaw Rose from Cocktails and Books , this week for Saturday Spanks I’m sharing a naughty excerpt from Outlaw Rose!

She was good at knots.

Once she was satisfied he was secure, she gave his elbow a tug, spinning him to face her. She placed the barrel under the edge of his jaw hard enough that he tipped his head back, away from its pressure. She leaned against him, feeling the roughness of his shirt on her breasts and remembering his touch. “You interrupted my bath.”

His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed. “My apologies.”

She could see the twinkle in his eye. He still wasn’t taking her seriously, but he would.

outlawrose_800Rose would do whatever was necessary to get the gold back from the bank robbers. Enjoying it was an unexpected bonus.

Rose had a plan.

After all her planning and hard work, she was about to hit the payoff—until the bank was robbed, the gold stolen right out from under her nose. Rose wasn’t about to give up without a fight, but catching up with the outlaws was the easy part.

When Tucker finds the little bank teller tailing them, he needs to keep her from running to the posse, and her proposal sounds like way more fun than what he had in mind. But in this band of outlaws, they split everything three ways—he’s going to have to learn to share.

What Rose had thought was a straightforward plan quickly becomes more complicated. Maybe these law breakers can work together…in more ways than one.

PS – Only 1 more week to get Snowed Under at 10% off (and you can read it right away!) Alternatively, only 1 more week until Snow Under’s general release and you can buy it everywhere! 😉

PPS – Also, check out this great interview  from my awesome publisher, Total-E-Bound!

#Satspanks – Holding Court

Today I have to iron a dress and shave my legs (neither of which is a regular occurrence),  pay for and pick up my new-to-me car and then road trip over the mountains with a car full of co-workers for my boss’ wedding and a weekend of shenanigans.

I’m tired already just thinking of it.

But first, Saturday Spankings!

Today’s HOLDING COURT snippet is right after last week with Clara and Courtholdingcourt_800

“Did you read my letter?” His voice sounded loud in the silence of the room.

“Yes.” Clara let her voice falter, as though she’d forgotten the instructions.

“Then you’ll have to be punished.”

Clara shivered again, this time nothing to do with the cold, as a thrill of anticipation went through her. She thought she saw a glimpse of white teeth as he smiled, but it was gone in an instant, his face serious and shadowed once again.

“Take it off,” he said. “I rode all this way, and I’m cold and tired and I didn’t come to see you all covered up.”

HOLDING COURT is now available for Pre-order at 15% off the list price!

#SatSpanks – Clara AND Court

I just found Holding Court on the publishers website!! That means it won’t be long before it’s available for preorder!

Apologies for my hiatus from Saturday Spankings – we had a little event here called the Calgary Stampede that kept me pretty busy there for a couple weeks, but now we’re back to our regularly scheduled insanity. And back to Clara and Court!

Court broke the kiss and brought his hand up to her face. He looked down at her, his thumb stroking slowly over her cheekbone.

“Clara.” he said, his voice husky and low, and then he kissed her again, more slowly, cupping the back of her head with one hand, while the other slid down the silky rope of hair to pull her closer. Abruptly, he stopped and pulled back. He frowned at her. “What are you wearing?”

Clara put on what she hoped was an innocent look. “The dressing gown you gave me.”

holdingcourt_800Schoolteacher Clara lives a peaceful, solitary life when she’s away from the school house. That is, other than the nights when rich, powerful landowner Courtland Raymond comes to call.

Court makes Clara do and feel things she’d never before dreamed of. He is forceful and dominant, and he always knows just what she needs. Their secret arrangement allows them to enjoy each other without the disapproval of the community they both rely on for their livelihood.

Clara loves Court, and she’d do nearly anything to be with him forever, a real relationship, but she’s not willing to risk their stolen moments. But when their secret trysts are exposed, will she be able to hold on to Court? Or lose him forever?

PS – Snowed Under is available now from Total-E-Bound!  (No spanking, but much sex and fun!)

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My Stampede

I grew up at the Calgary Stampede.

For 10 days every summer (12 or 13 days, really, with set up and tear down), I was a Stampede brat. I cleaned stalls and swept and answered the same questions a thousand times a day. I knew where to find the “secret” bathroom with no line ups, the best gap the fence to peek through for the chucks, when the Queen Mary started moving in it was past time to go home to sleep, and that if we were still there at the fireworks it was going to be awfully hard to get out of bed to do chores the next morning.

I don’t spend quite as much time with my Stampede family these days. I’m there for 3 or 4 days instead, but I wouldn’t miss it. Ever.

So many people talk about the Stampede, and their stories are of beer tents and midway rides, poor decisions and hangovers. I’m not judging … if that’s their brand of fun, power to them. But that Stampede isn’t my Stampede.

My Stampede is watching the World Champion Six Horse Hitch Competition in the Saddledome, accompanied by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, tears in my eyes as the beautiful team of high stepping Percheron mares took their victory lap.

My Stampede is the hazy memory of a very little girl watching the retirement ceremony of the great Cindy Rocket, squealing with delight when they turned out her foal to play in the arena, already bucking with joy, like she was bred to do.

My Stampede is running through the barn in my dress and heels, racing back from a wedding in time to be onstage at the Grandstand Show, then looking out over an unbelievable sea of people, tens of thousands strong.

My Stampede is rain dripping off the brim of my hat, perched in the back of a wagon and looking up at people on balconies, cheering and waving the Stampede Parade.

My Stampede is savouring the moment, driving my favorite horse in the Big Top one last time at the Centennial Stampede.

My Stampede is waterfights in the wash racks and plastic spiders on strings dropped over barn rafters.

My Stampede is racing through the midway, horse in tow, to find my Grandad and tell him about an exciting win in the show ring.

My Stampede is about agriculture, the animals and the people who love them.