Lois Lane Syndrome

Lois Lane – voted most likely to remain forever clueless

Lois Lane is not my favorite character. She’s touted by the other characters as a strong woman, and it’s a good thing too, because you’d never notice otherwise.

Mostly she makes poor decisions (the definition of TSTL=too stupid to live) and then when things, as expected, turn out badly for her, she hollers, “Help! Superman!” and waits around to be rescued.

She’s also allegedly an intelligent person, poor decision making notwithstanding, and yet never suspects that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same. I watched Superman Returns the other day, and when Clark Kent returns from a long absence on the same day as Superman reappears, Lois never bats an eye.

It’s Polkaroo!

If you happened to be a Canadian child of the 80’s, as I am, then you probably watched Polka Dot Door. I remember quite vividly the moment that I realized that Polkaroo never came around when the male cast member was there, and that probably he WAS Polkaroo, even though he’d come back and say, “What, I missed seeing Polkaroo again?”

I was five years old, and I figured it out.

Lois is allegedly an award winning investigative journalist.

Yeah right.


Lois has been on my mind while I’ve been working on The Undercover Outlaw. My heroine, Alicia, has a secret identity, and I need to be sure that the hero, Logan, doesn’t come off as a victim of Lois Lane Syndrome because somehow I think it’ll be less acceptable in a big strong alpha male.

I think the key will be to not let it go on for too long. The big discovery is definitely lurking on the horizon … I’d best get back to it …


Slowly But Surely

I feel like I’ve been working on The Undercover Outlaw forever. I promised my editor I’d have the first book in the new series to her …. well, a long time ago. I could go look it up, but it would only depress me, so we’ll keep it vague. If my (super awesome) editor is reading, I’m definitely feeling appropriately guilty about it, I promise.

It isn’t that I’m struggling with the story. These characters are great, taking over the story and along the way contributing to the future stories in this series. I’m having lots of fun with them … when I get around to writing.

Unfortunately, life has just been getting in the way. There’s nothing tragic going on (thank goodness and knock on wood), and none of the things that have been keeping me busy the last several months have been bad – in fact, they’ve mostly been good things: extra hours at my “real” job, getting big projects finished around the farm, unexpected chances to spend time with family, working to start a new business in the spring. Even NaNoWriMo wasn’t able to scrape out any more writing time for me, though it helped.

The words aren’t the only thing that coming slowly … here I am, halfway through The Undercover Outlaw and my main characters, Logan and Alicia, are only now getting naked together. I tried to tell them earlier that this was supposed to be an erotic romance, and there needed to be some bouncy naked fun time, but while there’s been lots of sexual tension, the time wasn’t right yet. But finally, the buttons are popping (literally) … that should definitely add some heat – not to mention some complications!

If you need me, I’ll over here writing smut.

On Watching and Hard Work

It’s been a while since I checked in, and I do apologise.

First of all, I’ve been asked to be a monthly contributor on the Totally Bound Author Blog, and my first post, I Like To Watch, has been posted, so check it out … it comes with a hot excerpt!

So … there was Nanowrimo, which I still love, but for the first time ever, didn’t finish this year. I did, however, get lots of work done on The Undercover Outlaw, and just finished reading over what I have so far, and I liked it. Love these characters, and I look forward to sharing them with you!

Instead of finishing the story, like I’d hoped, I finished my new cozy insulated chicken coop, just before we had a week of 25 below freezing temperatures, so I’m sure my chickens appreciated my efforts. We’ve also had at least six big snowstorms already this winter. Or is it still technically fall? Let me tell you, it doesn’t feel like fall when I’m slogging through drifts to get my critters fed and watered. Also got all my new fences built …. just in time for them all to drift under. Is it spring yet?

And of course, with the winter weather comes sickness, and I am just starting to feel better from a nasty cold that kept me on the couch for a few days straight, venturing out only to look after the animals. I passed the time watching the entire series of the Magnificent Seven. If you like westerns with humour and hot guys, you should check it out! Good fun, and always leaves me feeling inspired.

Better get back to Logan and Alicia … keep warm where ever you are!


#Nanowrimo – It begins.

I love Nanowrimo. I would pay good money for their word counter graphics. And there is nothing like a little competition to get me motivated to get the words down!

I’m cheating a tiny bit, using this Nanowrimo to get finished with first draft The Undercover Outlaw, and hopefully well started on The Reluctant Outlaw as well. I’ve never failed to “win” Nanowrimo before, and I don’t plan to start now, so my goal is at least 50,000 words this month! Looking forward to it – life has been crazy busy for months, and writing has been put on the back burner. Life is still crazy busy, but Nano pushes writing higher on the priority list, and that makes me happy.

Anyone else Nano-ing this month? Let me know how it’s going and what you’re working on!

Here’s a snippet from today’s words:

, “It’ll take a lot more than a little innuendo to convince me that you’re no gentleman.”

“Really?” His thumb started tracing slow circles on the inside of her wrist. “I’ll have to work harder then, won’t I?”


WIP Wednesday … ish

Okay, I know it’s not Wednesday at all, but I was busy yesterday helping to pull off an epic surprise bridal shower for my boss. Seriously epic – my co-workers are impressively devious. Actually, I’m a little concerned about them. Pretty sure they could have a second career as con-women.

Sooo … this week, how bout a snippet from The Undercover Outlaw? This is from the first meeting of Alicia and Logan.

“And where do your journeys take you, Mr …” Alicia let her voice trail off, hoping he’d respond, instead of shutting her down with the steely glare she’d seen used on the others who’d tried to strike up a conversation with him. She didn’t need anyone having time to notice and comment on her empty plate and leaned forward a little. Maybe a better view down the front of her dress would make him chattier. Or at least put him in a better mood.

His eyes flickered to her neckline and he shifted awkwardly in his chair. “Logan, Miss Light,” he said, and Alicia rewarded him for answering with a deep breath that brought his gaze back to her chest. “A pleasure to meet you.”

His voice was a pleasant surprise, deep and rumbling, but with a velvet undertone so smooth she could almost feel it against her skin. She leaned towards him, and hoped he’d continue talking. He did.

I do like these characters – who wants to come take over my real life for a few days so I can spend more time with them? 😉


WIP Wednesday – Mama’s Broken Heart

Storywonk calls it Discovery, the time when you’re getting to know your characters, working out the story, mulling things over, seeing what fits and what doesn’t.

I love Discovery, and I especially love the important bits of information I get from the most random of places.

Like Miranda Lambert songs.

If you haven’t heard it, feel free to click and have a listen! So fun, lots of great lines in there, too!

But there’s one line that makes me think of Alicia, the heroine in The Undercover Outlaw.

Can’t get revenge and keep a spotless reputation.

Sometimes revenge is just a choice you gotta make.

See, I didn’t know that revenge was part of Alicia’s motivation for her involvement in Logan’s heist – until I’d listened to the song (over and over so I could sing along. Badly.)  Then it was so obvious I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before.

Can’t wait to see how it all plays out for them! Because, for all the Discovery in the world, I’m still a pantser through and through.


WIP Wednesday

Accountability, that’s the ticket.

I’m currently working on the first book in my future Outlaw Women series for Total E Bound.

At least, I’m supposed to be, and I really want to be, but it’s springtime and crazy busy around here and I’m struggling to find the time and energy to make any serious headway. So, a little public accountability should be motivating! If nothing else, I’ll get practiced up on my excuses. 🙂

My plan is to share something about the story that I’ve worked on during the previous week – might be a snippet from the story, or an idea I’m playing with, or something non-story related that I’ve found inspirational. Anything related to the project!

So, follow me through the writing of The Undercover Outlaw! (And feel free to poke me if I don’t report in weekly!)