#Satspanks – Rose Being Naughty

Today’s #SatSpanks snippet is from IN THE VAULT – the short story follow-up to OUTLAW ROSE.

Rose licked up his shaft, teased the head with her lips and tongue, and finally sucked him deep in her mouth. She loved the feel of him against her tongue; definitely a more enjoyable way to pass the time than tapping her foot or reading, with the added fun of watching Tucker try to ignore the distraction as his cock pulsed in her mouth, his hands shaking a little as he tried another key.

The lock clicked, and the cage door creaked loudly on its metal hinges as it swung open.

Rose released his cock, letting it slide from the heat of her mouth with a pop of her lips and bounded to her feet.

“That’s my cue,” she said cheerfully, striding across to the vault door before she turned back to look.

Tucker stood framed in the cage door, the key ring dangling from his hands, his hat pulled low over his eyes and his cock, hard and glistening from her attention, jutting straight up towards the ceiling. He shook his head. “You’re a cruel, cruel woman Miss Bank Teller,” he said, “And I will get you back for this.”

IN THE VAULT is available now – and it’s absolutely free!


Rose loves banks. The cash, the gold… the thrill of a well-planned robbery…

But jewels and riches aren’t what Rose desires most, and Tucker is ready and willing to turn her fantasy into reality.

When you have a partner in crime, anything can happen in the vault.

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14 thoughts on “#Satspanks – Rose Being Naughty

  1. Ooh, Rose definitely was being a very naughty girl. Tucker should punish her for leaving him wanting, then make sure she finishes the job to his satisfaction. Hmm. Wonder if he will? Intriguing snippet, Celeste. Leaves the reader wanting more, just like Tucker.

    • Thanks for commenting Thianna – that’s not exactly what’s going on here … but it is totally up Rose’s alley, kinda the whole premise of OUTLAW ROSE, the first story about Rose and Tucker. 😉

  2. Sounds like Tucker has some savoring to do… Loving the Banking element here… Always thought there could be a bit of sensuality in and outside of those enormous and Dominantly present doors to the vault…

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